Can You List The External And Internal Forces Which Have Caused HRM Needs To Change?


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There are various factors, internal and external, that have caused HR to change. The external factors include the change in technology and the adoption and integration of technology into the workplace. Now we have more information based workers and the needs of these employees are different from those of the blue collared workers so HRM had to define new procedures for them and also take advantage of the technological benefits like efficiency. The basic family structure has changed and now in many families both parents are working and these workers have different needs. In addition to this the workforces are also very diverse due to immigrant workers. If we look internally then today, there is a focus on giving more power to employees and increasing their participation. This led to the development of various programs like employee stock owner ship plans that were never imagined in the past.  Globalization is now forcing the companies to standardize their practices as well so you can not follow different policies I different places, the approach has to be uniform.Firms often outsource their processes and can hire part time employees along with those who work from their homes.

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