List Internal And External Factors Impacting Employee Relations?


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The internal factors that can impact employee relations are as follows:

• Employees could be going for the same promotion and so can become over competitive with each other.
• One staff member may not feel another member of the team is pulling their weight.
• The interaction between the boss and their staff is crucial to employee relations.
• The stress of hitting targets and deadlines.

External factors that can impact employee relations are as follows:

• Staff can have relationships outside of work.
• Staff could fall out after a night out.
• Following different sports teams can affect how employees may interact with each other at work.
• Past history between employees outside of work could impact their working relationship.

The best and most successful businesses have a very content workforce that all pull in the same direction. Therefore it is crucial that a business identifies any issues that can impact employee relations as soon as possible. If a team does not seem to be gelling then a manager may send them all off to a team building exercise course. This is done to try and form a bond between staff members which it is then hoped will lead to better productivity from a happier workforce.

Many companies will spend millions on human resources and team building workshops as they believe the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment.

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