What Is Rolling Plan?


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A rolling plan is a plan which is prescribed to run for a certain period of time, and during that time, adjustments and changes can be made to that plan.

  • Rolling plans used in practice

The most common area to where rolling plans are used in everyday life is in the cell phone market. Cell phone providers can provide their customers with a "rolling plan" or a "rolling contract". These usually last for 30 days, and provide customers with a SIM-only cell phone coverage plan for a fixed price. Because the plan lasts for 30 days, customers are not tied to a long term plan that they are unhappy with. If they find that the plan does not suit their needs, they only have to live with the plan for a short period of time - when the plan expires, they can change the plan however they want to.

  • What are the benefits of a rolling plan?

As seen in the cell phone example given above, a rolling plan allows a great deal of flexibility and control over the services you're paying for. In addition, rolling plans are constantly improving upon themselves, as the changes that are made to the plan are usually made to benefit the consumer - rather than waiting for a long term plan to expire in order to take advantage of the next big thing, you can take advantage of it straight away when your rolling plan absorbs it.

  • What are the negatives of a rolling plan?

Rolling plans are often short term, as seen in the cell phone example. As a result, you will have to renew your plan or buy a new plan at the end of the time period, which can be as frequently as every month. This can be inconvenient for people who do not have the time to spend shopping around for new plans.

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