What's The Definition Of After-sales Service?


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After sales service is the service that the manufacturer or retailer gives to the customer after the sale of the product. This could involve maintenance or repair of the item during a warranty period, or even longer. Obviously, the after sales service that is provided depends very much on what has been sold. For example, if a customer buys some expensive software that could help their own business, the after sales service here could be the installation of the software and relevant training on how to use it.

Customer service is a vital part of business success (or lack of it) and is often the reason why consumers choose a particular manufacturer or retailer, often regardless of cost, and after sales service is the icing on the cake for many.

Depending on your business, this aspect of your customer service may not be as involved as the above example of staff training. For example, a builder may only need to ring his customer after work has been completed to see if everything is satisfactory. If it is, it will have cost him a phone call and the result will be a customer who is thrilled with the extra service, and who is prepared to tell everybody they know how wonderful this particular builder is. If all is not well, the builder has the opportunity to arrange to rectify whatever the problem is. The result will be the same: Rather than have a customer who is disgruntled that the builder has done a less than perfect job (and can’t wait to tell everybody they know about this rubbish builder), they are now thrilled that the builder is prepared to take responsibility and will tell everybody that. Result: Win/win for all concerned and repeat business for the builder.
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Here is the definition of after sales service " After sales services means those services which are provided by the company for the product after its sale to the customer."
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This is customer support following the purchase of a product or service
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Client support following the purchase of a
product or service. In some cases, after-sales service can be almost as vital
as the initial purchase. The manufacturer, retailer, or service provider
determines what is included in any warranty or guarantee package. This will
include the duration of the warrant, traditionally one year from the date of
purchase but increasingly two or more years, maintenance and/or replacement
policy, items included/excluded, labor costs, and speed of response. In the
case of a service provider, after-sales service might include additional
training or help desk availability. Of equal importance is the clients
perception of the degree of willingness with which a supplier deals with a
question or complaint, speed of response, and action taken.

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