Explain The Merits Of Rolling Plans?


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The biggest advantage of rolling plan is that they are flexible ones. In the presence of these plans, the options of planners and state always remain open and they can be injected whenever required. The changes in rolling plans can also be made even before one year completes. While fixed plans are not flexible, despite certain changes are due. Under the fixed plans, there is no possibility of bringing a major change as the objectives of the plan cannot be changed.

Even the state realizes the shortage of resources to carry out the plan targets, yet no one can dare to change the status quo of devised objectives. While rolling plans, we do not find such rigidity revisions are part and parcels of the plans.If a plan is flexible it will be having the glimpses of realism. The targets and provisions for them are in accordance with the changing circumstances. Hence, the goals of the plan become more plausible.

The fixed plans may be justified in a controlled economy or highly rich capitalist economy, but the countries like Pakistan are furnished with political instability, mass illiteracy, climatic disturbances, heavy fluctuations in export earnings, and lack of following independent economic policies how to fixed plans will do the needful. Accordingly to certain the effects of such uncertain economic and non economic factors, the rolling plans are more suitable for poor countries like Pakistan.

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