What Is Operational Planning?


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Operational planning is the determination of strategic short term goals which have duration of atleast 1-3 years. Operational goals are decided for various organizational activities such as budgeting, HR planning, production control planning etc. Operational planning is usually done by the division managers or supervisors. Operational plans should have clear and measurable goals, should be timely monitored, standard quality oriented and should have time table to assess the implementation of the operational goals.
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Operational planning is a subset of the strategic work plan and it shows the short-term ways of achieving milestones. It also describes how or what part of the strategic plan will be used in the operations during a period like in the case of the commercial application it is a fiscal year. The period taken for operational planning is about one to 3 years. An operational plan also describes mission, goals, objectives and activities of a program and raises questions like what is the current stage, what is the desired stage, how to reach there and how to measure progress.

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