How To Check My Account Number In Bdo?


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You can check your Banco De Oro account number by visiting your local bank branch. A representative will tell you your bank number if you are able to show your credit card and official ID. Alternatively, you could check your statements for your ten digit account number. If you are signed up to e-banking, your account number could be found after logging into your account on the BDO website. You may be able to find out your account number by calling the BDO helpline. It should not be difficult to find out your BDO account number, but if you are having problems, you should speak to an in-branch advisor.

  • The BDO Unibank
The BDO Unibank is the largest bank organization in the Philippines. It offers both personal and corporate banking services, and has a high worldwide bank ranking. As well as offering typical banking services such as credit card accounts and loans, the BDO Unibank offers services such as insurance policies and wealth management. Recently the bank has introduced e-banking, which allows account holders to manage their finances conveniently online.

  • Borrowing in the Philippines
A vast range of loans and overdraft facilities can be obtained from the BDO Unibank in the Philippines. These could help you pursue studying opportunities, put a deposit on your first house or buy a new car. Responsible borrowing can be very helpful in life, but you should be sure to have a thorough plan detailing how you will pay the money back. Additionally, to secure a loan you will usually need to have a high credit rating - this indicates you are 'worthy of credit' and have paid back money on time in the past. Borrowing from a certified bank such as the BDO is recommended over borrowing from unofficial loan institutions or short-term 'payday loan' companies.

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