How can i check my peso balance in my bdo atm in the internet?


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It is possible to check your bank account balance over the Internet, but you will need to have already registered for online banking with your bank. You can do this by calling into one of your bank's branches and asking them to set up online banking for you.

  • Online banking.
Once you have registered for online banking you will easily be able to log onto the Internet on any computer and check your bank account balance. You will need your log in details including a user identification, password and some kind of memorable information that only you know.

Once you have logged in you will be able to check how much money you have in your bank account, make transfers between bank accounts or payments to other accounts, set up standing orders and contact your bank from there about any issues or questions about your account.

  • ATM.
The other way to check your bank account is to use your bank card and visit an ATM machine or cash point and insert your card into the slot, type in your PIN number and you will be able to access your account information. However, unlike online banking you will not be able to make transfer between accounts or make payments. You will only be able to check the balance of your account and take money out of your account.

  • Call into your bank personally.
If you have not registered for online banking and would not like to register yet, then you can just call into one of your bank accounts and speak to one of the workers. They will take a few details off you possibly including your card and asking you to type your PIN number in so that you can verify your identification. They will then be able to help you with any transfers or payments that you may need to do.

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