How Can An Organization Motivate Its Employees?


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I think there must be a coaching section for the employees in every organization for the purpose of motivation. The coaching section should reward the successful employees in the shape of incentives and should also give moral support in case of the failure. To build a sense of responsibility among them, a trust should be developed by this department among the employees that they are not just employees but they are team members of the company as well.

Give them a chance to evaluate their performance, give them a chance to show there efficiency to reach the target. Ask them about their requirements that may bring positive results for the objectives of the company and for individuals as well.

Never ever use the threat tools during the assignment because they will not be able to work under pressure, they will not be able to concentrate on their work and their focus will be diversified.

There must be a training section for them in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The topic of motivating is very much important nowadays because the progress of any company depends on the quality of work performed by its employees and employees' efficiency depend on their level of motivate.
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There can be many ways an organization can motivates its employees.
Usually Reward system is taken as effective tool, More salary, More Incentives are considered as good tool to motivate them and freshen their spirit.
But this is not all.
A good communication between upper and lower level management's employees is also a very important tool. A research shows mostly employees leaves organizations because of bad/rude/inefficient/intolerant managers.
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Nowadays the human resources department is playing a larger role in the achievement of the targets that the management sets for itself. To motivate employees the people from the HR department use various methods. Monetary compensation is always one tried and tested way of achieving it. Other than this they set their targets in such away that it looks achievable even though it is far away from where ever the employees are and they always try to get to it and in consequence they perform well.

Another method that is making ground these days is that companies are trying to create a friendly atmosphere at the offices and when people find their friends over there, they find a few reasons to bunk the offices and in consequence they perform well to be in the company. You can also try your own method to get the job done as there is always room for improvement in anything.
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An organization must motivate the employees to push their boundaries. The employees must feel cared for else fall out rates are likely to rise. But most organization stumble when coming to the strategies to be used for motivating. Here are a few.

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Hello there, an organisation can motivate its workers via
monetary and non-financial methods, as all employees do not work for the same reasons. Some of them
may feel encouraged when they receive bonuses and commissions, while others may
be motivated when they get fringe benefits such as a company car or health insurance.

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