What Is The Meaning Of Employees' Performance?


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Employee's performance is a rating system used in most corporations to determine the abilities and output of an employee. Performance is divided into five components: Planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding.
In the planning stage goals are set to help measure the employee's work time to see if they are able to maintain the goals set or reach new goals. Monitoring is the phase in which the goals are looked at to see how well one is doing to meet them. This can also be a feedback stage in which employers determine if progress is being seen or not. During the developing stage an employee is supposed to improve any poor performance that has been seen during the time frame one has been working at the company. Generally employee's performance ratings are given out each year. The rating is to summarise the performance based on a number system to determine where on the scale a person is. At the end of the cycle is rewarding stage. This stage is designed to reward and recognise outstanding behavior such as that which is better than expected.
Most see employee's performance as a way to appraise the employee for their effectiveness in the company. It is a system designed on individual performance rather than group performance meaning you are looked at for strengths and weaknesses to determine where you might improve. Any issue that might hinder this improvement such as a physical limitation is taken into account to assess the performance you give.
Performance evaluations are looked at for which employees to keep, if you were to get to the crux of the question. The one true meaning is that your evaluation on performance can lead to promotion, remaining in the same position, or termination based on what you did in your job.
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The meaning of employee's performance is the functioning and presentation of the employee. The more good the performance would be the more good ranking the employee would get in the company.
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Employee performance includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.  Employee performance can focus on performance of the organization, a department, processes to build a product or service, employees, etc.
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Simple it is a qualitative and quantitative output by an employee  .
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Employee's performance means how well the employee performs compared to the tasks that he had been assigned. And performance is then evaluated.
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The job related activities expected of a worker and how well those activities were executed. It also refers to the job performance of an employee which shows his/her contribution to the objectives of the company. One example of how to manage or measure the employees' performance via-online is by using a time tracking software like hubstaff, odesk, paymo or timedoctor that monitors activity levels and takes random screenshots in your computer

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Employee performance refers to how your employees behave in the workplace and how well they perform the job duties you have assigned to them.

For an individual employee, performance may refer to work effectiveness, quality, and efficiency at the task level.

The Employee Management System is composed to better measure, analyze and manage employees’ working hours and extend human resources more efficiently.

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