Discuss Briefly Scope Of Business Organizations? Also Give Reasons Why Some Organizations Called As Legal Entities?


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Scope of Business Organization
The scope of business organization has considerably expanded after the Industrial Revolution. The process of production is now quite complicated. An organization is needed to determine what each person will do and how much authority each will have. The role of business organization in various forms of business ownership is discussed in brief.
1) In Sole Proprietorship
Form of business, the organization structure is very simply. The entrepreneur generally introduces his own capital. He alone is the sole organizer, financier, decision taker, operator, and controller and above all responsible for air the success and failures of business, there is generally rule sub-division of main work into small groups.

(2) In a Partnership Form of Business
ownership, each partner provides capital, labour and management according to an agreement the partners determine among themselves the extent to which each partner shall take part in the management. The pattern of division of activities, determination of responsibilities. Delegation of authority etc depends upon the nature and size of business. As the partnership business is generally run on small scale, the business organization structure is relatively simple, temporary and informal.

(3) In a Company Form of Business
There is a formal pattern of organization. The work of organization begins even before its incorporation by the promoters. This work of organization continues after incorporation. An organization chart of responsibilities is prepared. The duties and responsibilities of the personnel employed are defined, procedures are aid down. Methods are evolved discussed and put before the personnel’ in clear terms. The scope of business organization in corporate business is quite wide and complicated.

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