Can You Briefly Explain, Choose Your Ideas, Collect Your Data And Organize Your Message In The Process Of Preparing Effective Business Messages?


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Keeping in mind the purpose and receiver of your message, you should choose the ideas for your message. If you are answering a letter, underline the main points to discuss and write your ideas in the margin. If you are writing an unsolicited or a complex message, begin by listening ideas as they come to you and then choose the best ideas for your receiver. The choice of ideas depends upon the type of message to be communicated. Good preparation is the key to presenting your ideas to others.

After choosing the ideas to be included in the message, you must ask whether you need specific facts, figures, quotations, or other form of evidence to support your points. Be sure you know your company's policies, procedures, and product details if your message requires them. You must always check your data on names of individual's dates, addresses, and statistics. Sometimes, you may need to include a brochure, table, picture, or product sample. Facts and figures make the ideas both persuasive and acceptable.

Before you write your first draft, outline your message mentally or on paper. The order in which you present your ideas is as important as the ideas themselves. Disorganized, rambling messages often seem careless, confusing and unimportant. Therefore, presentation of ideas requires good intellectual training to arrange them logically and systematically.

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