What Is Slicins Charged To My Sears Account?


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Having the searched the term slicins from every conceivable angle, it appears that there is no available information possibly relating to a charge on an account is available. The only thing this extensive research produced was that this seems to be some type of life or health insurance payment. It could be possible that the user inadvertently signed up for such an insurance during the sign up procedure for the card. Although the user should have been made aware of this before signing, this is certainly a possibility.

  • Relation to Income Tax?
Another possibility, though this is a long-shot, may be that in some weird and wonderful way the use of a credit card is regarded as an increase in income, which would effect taxes. In this case, slicins could refer to a process known as top slicing. This is generally defined as the use of a specific part of an amount of money intended for a specific purpose, such as the assessment of taxable gains within accounting or banking and finance.

  • Definitive Answers
The only way to clear this question up with a positively correct answer is to contact Sears directly. The user should ensure they have their account number and other personal details which may be required for security reasons handy when making contact. Most payments of any kind appearing on an account statement have a reference number of some kind. This, the relevant amount and the date the payment was taken should also be noted.

  • Contacting Sears
There are several ways in which Sears may be contacted, and contact details may be found at Sears Customer Information. Once the charge has been explained, it can be determined whether it can be stopped or whether a certain period of time is required before a cancellation is possible.
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The charge appears as SLICINS once a month on the Sears CITI bank card statement. It stands for Sears Life Insurance Company, located at 3001 Meacham Blvd, Ft. Worth, Texas 76137. We have a plan with them, for accidental death or dismemberment at 9.80 per month. Hereś the link for more information: ,

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