What Are Benefits Of Working In The Group?


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There are many benefits to working in a group whether it is in work, sport or at home. Team working is a big area which is being taught in schools, colleges and universities as it is now becoming a basic requirement in the workplace.

The biggest benefit is that tasks are shared out to individuals dependant on strengths and weaknesses within the team to get the task performed quicker. Including all team members in brain storming sessions will enable a solution to be found.

Teamwork provides a bonding for the members. They will generally go the extra mile and support their fellow team members in order for the goal to be met.

Good teamwork provides its members with higher self-esteem. People feel more valued if they are treated equally and have their opinions and ideas valued and considered.

Teamwork can also reduce absence in the workplace as people are more focused and motivated to achieve their goal.

In a work situation if all individuals work as part of a collective team means that if in the case of absence or annual leave, the other members of the team can still operate without their colleague. Ideally work is equally shared so that work aspects are not left to one person to deal when they are back in the office.

Tasks become less of a chore if they are being performed by a collective group. Skills are also learnt within a team environment as members are allowed to become more creative and resourceful.

The feeling of isolation which is felt often in tasks that are assigned to individuals is removed.

There is a support network for individuals to draw on.

It removes hierarchical lines of command in the workplace.
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Here are some advantages.

  1. Better communication skill.
  2. Creativity.
  3. Learning from each other experiences.
  4. Build or improve your skills with team member's expertise.
  5. Learn team management.
  6. In a group one can find lot of colors like different people from different back ground or culture. So learning is more.
  7. High productivity or better out come... For example if one is not good at collecting or gathering data but good at presenting then one can do data collection while you can present.
And lots more.
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A Group is defined as an interaction of two or more humans with each other. They share common identity, have expectations, and obligations and have rights and responsibilities.

Groups have become a popular form of working methodology in the recent times. It has been used in organizations for better achievement of objectives.
The advantages of working in a group are as follows:

- Better generation of ideas
- Sense of competition among individuals in a group lead to exceptional performance by all.
- Develops group think among individuals.
- Helps in managing diversity of employees
- Groupwork fosters negotiation and interpersonal skills.
- Helps in maintaining level of motivation.
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Group Work motivates students for activite participation in class,even quiet student gets a chance to participate.G/W is the best strategy to teach spoken skills in a foregin language.But the class becomes noisy if the teacher loses control and some students who are used to traditional methods of teaching(lecture,explanations) do not feel satisfied.Sometimes the teacher gets ex husted as G/W,definately increases the work load of the teacher.
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There can be many disadvantages of working in Group. If group members cannot agree on one point and they have serious differences in moods, It can affect your work negatively. In group every member's contribution is important, If anyone of them creates problem then all other might suffer. Group within group is another problem when some members get aside and might even refuse to contribute properly.
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I believe that we can derive a big number of qualities by working in groups for instance
we learn how to communicate and how to tolerate and exchange our ideas and experiences we can through working in groups feel good psychologically because we will feel that we are an efficient member of the team . More than this , working in groups gives us the opportunity to improve our skills in different fields and so on...
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Get efficient output
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Working in a group has numerous benefits or advantages...
Improvement in communication skills.
Division of a this way project or task can be completed efficiently and quickly.
Better result.
Sense of co operation is built
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Group work makes you do the work faster that is one advantage and you can learn faster. But disadvantage is there is a saying " Too many cooks spoils the cooking" loll
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It all depends upon the person that how he molds the situation. In working with different attitudes you understand different mentalities, you see how other minds think. You get different perspective on different images. You learn a lot. You become more communicative and expressive as you have to convince another mentality. On the other side if you do not cooperate you may never achieve your goal. It takes a lot of time to convince others. They question your every move. It takes time for you to understand.
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The benefits off working in a group can be numerous like division of labor, increased input in creative process, diversity of opinion, multidimensional problem solving approaches and the list goes on and on.
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