What Are Factors Affecting Decision Implementation In An Organization?


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For executives in an organization who are tasked with implementing decisions that may transform strategy, day-to-day operations and objectives, it isn’t always easy for a conclusive judgment to be made straight away on the approach that should be taken with a certain issue. For example, if a decision in an organization would include pay cuts, redundancies or even an increase in working hours, one of the most vital factors can be the support of the employees that work within a company. After all, if a decision is implemented against the will of the people it will affect the most (the staff,) there may be the potential for strikes and walkouts that could damage the service that customers receive.

Another variable that can prevent speedy decision implementation is whether or not other options are available. If management needs to make decisions on how to lower overheads, a plan being put into force could be delayed as other options are pursued. To ensure success in an organization, all of the possible choices when resolving a dilemma need to be considered in detail.

Of course, it isn’t always the case that one manager is solely responsible for implementing a decision. If shareholders also need to be considered, or other executives on a senior management team, the process of deliberation can take considerably longer. As different high-profile members of an organization may hold a different view of how to rectify a situation or implement a decision, compromises may have to be made so a unanimous judgment can be reached. Inevitably, this does take time, and this is why many organizations have contingency plans in place to ensure that their everyday operations are not affected during times of uncertainty.
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Before making and implementing a decision, a lot of planning and direction are required so that all the aspects of a particular problem get properly covered. Other than that care must be taken that the respective departments which implementing the decision have all the resources. It is also important that you know exactly what your objective of making the decision is. This will help you make the decision and implement it as it would be a step to your goal achievement. The dedication of the leadership, management and other employees is also an important factor.
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-social and cultural
- ecological
-human constraints
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Planning is the best

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