Is Steve Sjuggerud A Scam Artist?


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Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the founder and editor of one of the largest financial newsletters in the world. His online newsletter, True Wealth, has helped its readers to make money year after year since its development and inception in 2001 with safe, contrarian, investment ideas. Dr. Sjuggerud received his Ph.D. After writing a dissertation on international currencies. He has traveled to dozens of countries in order to investigate different kinds of investments and has experience running mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment research departments.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is, perhaps, best known for his investment philosophy:

"You buy something of extraordinary value at a time when nobody else wants it. And you sell it at a time when people are willing to pay any price to get it.”

Obviously, a person with this kind of notoriety is also susceptible to great controversy. For instance, many people refuse to believe that he is a legitimate financial advisor, inquiring about whether or not he is a scam artist. While there is a lot of support for his legitimacy, there are also many people and organizations that have proven to be untrustworthy over the past few decades.

People who have interacted with this conservative columnist and political commentator have been known to call him honest, trustworthy, and credible. While his investment advice might not yield you the results you are looking for (but what investment advice is 100% accurate?) you can be sure that his intentions and analysis are truly in your best interest.
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I had dinner with Steve and his wife and a group of investors in 2005. He's a sincere stand up guy who does care about his investment advice and investors. His investments are not the best in the world BUT he's honest and diligent. He has a group of writers that are extremely talented and enticing. I followed his True Wealth letter for 2 years but never saw great returns. I did not lose money nor did I make that much.

Hope this helps.

Mike Starks
Little Rock, AR
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No Way is he a scam. I wish I had followed all his advice since last year (November '08), I'd have doubled my money.
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I once subscribed to Mr. Sjuggerud's True Wealth for a few years and read Daily Wealth every day. The investment circles he is in are legitimate as are his recommendations. And don't be dismayed by the colorful marketing of whatever trading/investment secret shows up. The publishers are putting an attention-getting spin to very boring but legitimate (and not commonly utilized) trading techniques. Read past all that and use Daily Wealth for what it is good for: An alternative source of information, events and investing that you might not see in Bloomberg for several weeks or at all.

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