Can You List Five Environemental Factors That Help Organizations Achieve Optimal Function?


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It depends on the nature of an organization. If the organization is a factory, you may need to consider about material usage, how to reduce noise, water and air pollution, how to save engergy. If the organization is an office, you need to think about the way to reduce paper usage, avoide printing wherever possible, and always two sides printing. Also. Turn off the lights during lunch time and put computes in save-energy models, also encorage employee to commute by public transport...
There are lots things to do opitimize organizations. Generally speaking, Refuse, Reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycle is the last thing, because it consumes energy as well.
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Five  factors to obtain an organization with optimal environmental health functioning.  1) RECYCLE  2)ALWAYS USE SAFTEY  AND BE FAIR TO EVERYONE  3) STAY ORGANIZED  4) CONSERVE ENERGY  5) EVERYONE MUST BEHAVE AS IF THEY TRULY CARE @ ALL TIMES

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