Which Are The Factors That Influence Centralization In An Organization?


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The concept of centralization, even though with the rapidly changing face of the corporate culture, has still maintained its importance for many organizations, who abide by the very approach and consider it a means of their success. Centralization is basically a suitable option for all those organizations and enterprises who have the following characteristics.
The size of the organization is large in terms of personnel. Along with a great team of personnel, the capital investment of the organization is also enormous. Regarding the nature of the environment, the work environment in an organization that employs the approach of centralization is a highly competitive one. In addition to that, a lot of importance is given to brand name, patent rights and the sorts. The product lines are homogenous. Moreover the level of interdependence between various departments is also very high. These are the major characteristics that form the basis of a centralized organization.
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Biology and the levels of organization both thrive on a very linear progression. In the field of Biology, the living organisms need the constant presence of the factors that support their existence. They adapt to their surroundings in order to derive available sources of food, shelter and clothing from the natural habitat. They reach out and recognize their own species. In the sphere of Biology, life is ruled by the success of the individual organism and inherent capability to expand the immediate sphere of influence.

Similarly, the levels of organization within a business also adapt to the market trends to come up with consumer solution for optimum sales. The business derives form the industry specific market all the input required by the operations during the initial stages. Within the levels of organization lies the ability of the business to develop a consumer base and the end shelf life for the product or service. The business too, like living organisms within the sphere of influence of Biology, is recognized as successful only when it is able to cater to the market needs and trends and profit in the process. The transgression in both the dedicated life spheres is linear in nature and dependent on the skill and will to survive.

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