What Is My Balance On My Turbo Tax Card?


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Turbo Tax is an American software program used to calculate tax by individuals or businesses.
In recent times Turbo Tax released the Turbo Tax card. This card is a prepaid Visa card that allows the user to use it as a pre-loaded credit card for purchases.
Turbo Tax cards can be used to pay for goods online, pay for bills and used instead of credit cards for other reasons.
You can also have people pay money or have your pay check paid into your account directly so as to increase the balance.
To check the balance on a TurboTax card, you can do so in a number of ways.
When you set up your Turbo Tax card you can apply to get your balance sent to you online by email. This means you only have to check your email account to know what the balance is.
You can also check by calling Greendot on 866-963-1620. You will be put through to a menu where you will have to enter some information. You will then be connected to a customer service representative where you can enquire about your balance. You should receive your balance in the post in 10 full working days.
It is possible to withdraw money from the card using an ATM machine also.
The cards do have a monthly fee but you can get your tax return deposited directly to them, which makes it quite easy for you. 
One of the best things about the card is that when you load it up you are only using your own money. This means there are no credit card fees or overdraft fees, which is a great bonus and is good as it makes it easy to plan for expenditure. Cards can also be reloaded for free, which won't effect your balance.

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