What Is My Balance On My Turbo Tax Debit Card?


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First of all the Turbo Tax Debit Card is the same as the Turbo Tax Refund Card. To check your balance and transaction history you can either go online or you may call Customer Services on 1-866-963-1620 ( You will not be charged for the calling Customer Services). To check your balance on online you will have to go on www.myturbotaxcard.com and log into your account. Also the website offers 'account alerts' which is a feature that lets you receive your card balance through your phone or/and your email, However this feature doesn't send the information on request. To find your balance on demand you will have to register to be able to send requests via test messages. This service will not be charged by the company, but the text will be charged at your mobile provider's rate. Furthermore the maximum balance you can have is $3500 and the daily reload limit is $2500.   You must also remember that your balance will not stay constant after you have checked it, even if you do not use your card. This is because there is a monthly charge of $5.95. Also when you are withdrawing money from participating ATM's there is no charge for withdrawing money, but if you are withdrawing money from a out of network ATM there will  be a service charge of  $2.50. You can also check your balance from a participating ATM for free, but you will be charged $0.50 if you are using a out of network ATM.
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I got a e-mail from turbo tax saying my refund was put on the turbo tax debit card, the 800 number that is for balance info.says the money is not there. Don't know what steps to take now. HELP

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