What Is My Account Balance?


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On-line account - You type in your bank and your bank will explain to you what you do next . Step by step
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Well no one can tell you the balance of your account except the banker where you have maintain your account. There are different ways which you can use in order to get the balance of your account first and the easiest way is to check the balance of your account by using the online banking system which facilitates the user to easily know the balances of your account so that the customer do not face any problem in finding the account balance.

The second source is the mobile banking or the ATM machines which are the good source of the facility for the users in order to tell the balance of their accounts. So this is the reason you can easily find he balance of your account. So you can also go to your bank where your account is maintained and you can easily know about balance of the account. If your banker know you personally then you do not need to go to the bank you can even know the balance by making the calls to the banker. So these are the ways which you can use in order to know the balance.
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546010100103251 is my account.number please show my balance.
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You need to log on to your banks web site, register your details, and you can check your balance .
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Account no>>20013124081>>state bank of india ....trivandrum branch
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An account balance is a person's record of monies that are present with their bank. An excess of money in ones bank is referred to as a debit balance while an overdraft at the bank appears as a credit balance. Not all banks provide overdraft facilities and if they do then not to all customers. If a bank were to provide an overdraft it would generally charge an interest related to it. Chances are that if you have not withdrawn any money then your Debit balance has gone higher. This is because banks usually pay a nominal account of interest to depositors. You will have to contact representatives of your bank either through e-mail or telephone or at their nearest branch to know your current balance.

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