Will There Be A Tier 4 Unemployment Extension In Kansas?


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There is already a second tier unemployment benefits scheme in Kansas. It was implemented on 31st December 2010. This allows eligible individuals to claim extended unemployment benefits through a scheme known as the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.

What Does It Do?
  • The compensation program allows out-of-work individuals to receive unemployment benefits even though they have reached the end of their initial benefits.
Tier 1
  • In order to receive the standard amount of initial benefits, you must qualify for Tier 1 which is the first level of compensation and generates benefit payment for up to 53 weeks. In order to become eligible for the first level of unemployment benefits you must file a claim and seek out an advisor. Once you have given them all the relevant details, they will assess your claim and, if it is deemed successful, you will then start receiving benefits.
Tier 2
  • If you have remained on benefits for the scheduled 53 weeks but you have not found a job in that time, you will be made automatically eligible for Tier 2. You will not have to make another claim because you will be put straight onto the program. The difference in tiers is that the second level of benefits will only be provided for a period of 14 weeks. If you remain out of work after this level of extension you will progress onto Tier 3.

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