Your Organisation's Service Offer And How It Affects The Way You Deal With Customers Face To Face?


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Your question is a little difficult to understand, so here are some tips of how best a company and their employees should deal with customers face to face.

When you are dealing with customers face-to- face you must consistently:
1Plan a conversation with your customer that has structure and clear direction.
2Hold a conversation with your customer that establishes rapport.
3Focus on your customer and listen carefully to ensure that you collect all the possible information you need from the conversation.
4Explain your services or products and your organisation’s service offer to your customer clearly and concisely.
5Adapt your communication to meet the individual needs of your customer.
6Anticipate your customer’s requests and needs for information.
7Balance conflicting demands for your attention, while maintaining rapport with your current customer.
8Calm down situations when one customer is adversely affecting the customer service enjoyed by other customers.
9Present a professional and respectful image when dealing with your customer.
10Show an awareness of your customer’s needs for personal space.
11Focus your attention on your customer so that non-verbal cues do not betray disinterest, boredom or irritation.
12Ensure that your customer focus is not disrupted by colleagues.
13Observe all customers and the total customer service situation, while maintaining rapport with your current customer.
14Observe your customer to read non-verbal clues about their wishes and expectations.

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