Describe the organisational practices and procedures that relate to your work in customer service?


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When it comes to delivering good customer service you should always adhere to the practices and procedures of your organization by following certain guidelines. For example:

- In line with company policy, treat the customer as you have been trained to do so. Use your product knowledge and expertise to deliver the best suited service to their individual needs.
- Always try to resolve the situation in a calm and polite fashion. If you are dealing with a customer complaint, make sure you deal with their queries in a timely fashion while adhering to the company's procedures of how to handle such situations.
- Treat all customers in the same way regardless of their status or situation. This is an important practice that needs to be adopted as one customer cannot be seen as receiving 'special treatment' over another.
- Follow company guidelines on how to handle specific situations. Do not make it up as you go along and consult a colleague if you are unsure of how to proceed.
- Make sure you attend all training days and keep up to date with any changes to policy or service procedures.
- When dealing with a customer complaint or query, only spend as much time as you need. Do not spend ages dealing with a customer with whom you cannot reach a resolution. In these circumstances you need to know when a case needs to passed on to a manager or supervisor.

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