What Is The Purpose Of Organisation?


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Organisations have emerged and exist primarily because they are more efficient than individuals operating individually, and therefore can produce items or provide services which an individual could not produce/provide alone. In so doing the organisation is able to meet the needs and demands of current day society.
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Purpose is to gain maximum profit
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An organization is a social entity which pursues specified goals and controls its own performance. There are some boundaries which separate organization from its environment. There are various purposes of different organizations like profit-for and not-for-profit organizations operate for various purposes. The purpose of a not-for-profit organization is to bring social reforms like educational institutions etc. On the other hand, the purpose of a profit for organization is to offer products or valuable services to earn returns.  Therefore, the purpose of every organization differs and all employees are motivated to attain the goals set by the organization.
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Organization as in organizing your subjects,materials helps you be more efficient,easier to find and utilize your materials,study subjects which in turn will usually lead to better study habits ,better grades,less time wasted in your studies,classes. So you can concentrate on other subjects helpieng you to excel in your studies,life path to your ultimate goal ,your turn when you practice your own brand of oranizing skills at your job,career you will be able to also accelerate your shall we say advancement in your job,career.blah blah blah menas by learnign early how to organize you will do better in your life by as they say being prepared.being ready to take advantage of any situation that arrives when other are not ready,situated to take advantage. In other words a organization is a group of people that are like minde to achieve a common goal or to aid others in achieving a common goal in life,business.
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The main  purpose of the organization depends upon the nature of the organization. If the organization is for profit organization then its main purpose is to earn money. If the organization  is for  non for profit the the aim of this organization might be satisfaction or to give relief to public. Imtiaz KHALIL MBA NUML PAKISTAN 009103439655068�3459332097
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  1. Facilitates Administration
  2. Increases the efficiency management
  3. Stimulates creativity and innovation
  4. Facilitates growth and diversification and
  5. Facilitates co-ordination and communication.
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