What Are The Main Market Segments?


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Variables Used for Segmentation

* Geographic variables
o region of the world or country, East, West, South, North, Central, coastal, hilly, etc.
O country size/country size : Metropolitan Cities, small cities, towns.
O Density of Area Urban, Semi-urban, Rural.
O climate Hot, Cold, Humid, Rainy.
* Demographic variables
o age
o gender Male and Female
o family size
o family life cycle
o education Primary, High School, Secondary, College, Universities.
O income
o occupation
o socioeconomic status
o religion
o nationality/race (ethnic marketing)
o language
* Psycho graphic variables
o personality
o life style
o value
o attitude
* Behavioral variables
o benefit sought
o product usage rate
o brand loyalty
o product end use
o readiness-to-buy stage
o decision making unit
o profitability
o income status
* Techno graphic variables [1]
o motivations
o usage patterns
o attitudes about technology
o fundamental values
o lifestyle perspective
o standard of living
o profit is there in business from the existing clients

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