1. Why Is There A New Or Renewed Interest In The Field Of Project Management? Provide Examples Of Some Of The Advantages.


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  • Project management has a high level of importance in running a good business because it allows one person or a team of managers to provide structure and aims in order to succeed in their project.
  • Timing is everything in business, especially when you need to make a product. Some experience very tight deadlines so a project manager must distribute tasks to their team and calculate how much time they have to complete them in. Also, they are ultimately responsible for what goes ahead in terms of the actual products and the final decisions.
  • There are a number of advantages for product management in terms of business. One particular advantage is the structure that I mentioned earlier. In order to create and market a potentially successful product you need order and discipline to get the job done. Having a project management team provides the organization so in the allocated time they have they can work to the best of their ability.
  • There are also advantages for the project managers themselves; because despite the huge responsibility they have to take on they can reap the rewards if a product is successful. They are ultimately responsible for allocating tasks, designing the product, creating the product and marketing the product. A downside of being a project manager can mean that you are to blame if a product is unsuccessful.
  • However, the positive side is that a project manager can get involved in a variety of work and work alongside a number of various companies and departments. They are also constantly learning the rules of business and will ultimately build up their knowledge and ability which could provide them with further job opportunities.
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All these software that have been developed recently in order to facilitate the Project Management process (like Asana, Basecamp or Comidor ), are the best evidence to prove the importance of a correct and carefully designed Project Management process.

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