Technology Is Changing The Face Of Business Communications. Do You Think Businesses Effectively Use These Resources To Communicate? Why Or Why Not? Provide Examples.


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The evolution of communications technology in the consumer market is surpassing that of the enterprise market, which is making it really difficult for businesses to keep pace. Two things end up happening -

1. Employees are using their own more advanced consumer technology and applications because a sleek MacBook Pro is more up to date and portable than the clunky dinosaur of a laptop that the company provides..

2. Businesses can usually only upgrade one technology per budget cycle due to tight IT budgets. When technology moves at the speed of light, one technology upgrade every 6 months to a year will not allow companies the competitive advantage that comes from fully integrated cutting edge technology.

Check out this cool sketch video for examples of the technological pace of change and unified communications use cases.

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Technologies are changing the face of the business communications
by using different types of information systems. 

It is communicating more to the individual than to the public. It is also changing the way people do things using computer technology to communicate. It is speeding up everything, which is making people think at a faster pace. 
All of this progress is quickly making it possible for many people to do most of their work away from a PC. We're not just talking about working from home anymore; we're talking about working from anywhere, with or without a laptop. 
Now that the term “unified communications”
(UC) has subsumed real-time telephony, wired and wireless connectivity, and all forms of messaging, it has become synonymous for all aspects of business communications.

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