What Are The Three Dimensions To Business Problems? Provide Examples Of Each.


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The three dimensions to business problems are people, organisation and technology. The problems that are associated with people include poor recruitment, inadequate employee training, poor performance evaluation, problems with adhering to legal or regulatory compliance, ergonomics, indecisive or otherwise poor management, and lack of employee support or motivation.

Organisation problems can include inadequate business practices, either brought about within the current system or inherited from past influences that have never been addressed; an unsupportive culture, office politics that creates in-fighting, and changes to the organisation’s environment.

Technology problems can cover a multitude of things such as outdated software; insufficient or old hardware; a database with insufficient capacity; an inadequate telecommunications system; and all of the problems that are associated with trying to merge old and new systems.

Initially, it has to be recognised that there are problems, then they need to be identified and then addressed. Serious problems within a business need to be looked at seriously; reacting to a perceived problem will be ineffectual so once a problem has been identified, a solution must be created and then implemented. This will take some critical thinking and multiple perspectives and alternate resolutions should be considered.

Some of the problems will overlap, such as office politics and infighting, could perhaps, be attributed to some of the problems that have been grouped into the ‘people’ problem like poor management or lack of employee support. This interlinking reinforces the theory that problems should never be tackled head on, but with a thorough approach instead. For example, lack of motivation comes from the top, so there is little point in berating the workforce. If the management are given regular and appropriate training there will be an immediate knock on effect within the workplace.
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What are the three dimensions to business problems? Provide examples of each.

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