How To Make On Line Payment To My Chase Health Advance?how To Setup The Payment


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To make a payment online to Chase Medical Advance you must first visit their website and sign into your account: On your account home page, select the ‘make payment’ option to transfer funds electronically from your bank account to Chase Health Advance.
If you would prefer not to make a payment online, there are other options available too such as making a payment by post. When you receive your monthly statement outlying your outstanding bill, detach the perforated section of the form. Then enclose your check made out to Chase Health Advance ensuring you have also included your account number with the payment. This will make it easier for agents to match up your payment to your account. Pop all these details in an envelope and post to the following address:
Chase Health Advance Financing Options, PO Box 4758, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4758.
If you would like to send a payment by a third party merchant, Chase Health Advance also offers you the opportunity to send money by Money Gram Express. To use this option, call 800-666-3947 to find the nearest agent offering this service. You will also have to provide Chase Health Advance’s Receiving Code (1499) and location (Tempe, AZ).
Alternatively payments may also be made over the phone by speaking to an advisor. The number to call is 888-519-6444. Please have all your bank and account details to hand as these will need to be verified before the payment can be completed. You may also be asked a few security questions by the agent in order to verify your identity. Those choosing to use this service should note that there is an added fee of $14.95.
Although the company itself is actually owned and operated by Chase Bank USA, as yet payments cannot be made in bank branches

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