How Do I Make A Payment On Line ?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
You must have registered on to make online payment for your sears account. When you will register you can view unbilled activity and statements, make online payments, balance transfer.
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Rena Chisholm answered
The safest way that I know of to make an online payment is to set up an online account with your bank so that you can pay your bills through them. Some companies online services may not be very secure and could be hacked, getting your credit or bank card account number. If you set an account with your bank, they are insured and so tend to keep a better eye on your account. They will also cover any losses to you because of identity theft if it occurs through their services.
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I need to make are payment
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Depends on who you are trying to pay. Usually every major company has on line bill pay. If you can't find the link try searching for bill pay on the companies main page. You can always call them too.
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Cliff Marrero answered
There are different organizations that you can also sign up with. For example Bill Pay or Paypal. But the organizations you're paying to needs to be enrolled as well.

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