Where Can I Get A Home Loan For 25,000 Dollars?


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You can get a loan from the usual places including banks. The kind of loan you require may determine where you get it from though. 

This depends on a number of factors such as your credit score and employment history. The best place to start is determining whether you would even be able to able for a loan of $25,000 in the first place.

You can check by using an online calculator that helps you work out how much money you can actually afford to borrow based on your current personal circumstances. An example of an online calculator can be found by following this link:

Also, you need to determine what you need the $25,000 loan for. Is it to use towards a home mortgage or to buy a car for instance? You may be able to speak to your bank about getting a mortgage deal with a number of different repayment options suitable to your income. Car dealerships may also give you credit if you want to buy a new car so call in to speak to a dealership today.

If you want to start a business and need some up front capital for set up costs etc. You will need to have a well thought out and thorough business plan before approaching a bank for a business loan. Call in to speak to your bank manager to discuss the options for borrowing available to you, based on your personal circumstances.

Generally, in order to get a loan of this size, an individual will need to have a good credit score.  Nevertheless there may be the option to get a loan of this size even with a bad rating. For instance, you could offer to put some collateral up against the value of the loan to act as a type of insurance you will be able to meet the repayments.
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I have no idea about the loan, but you can easily win it at and all the money will be sent for you as soon as you need them.

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Try one of the local finance offices. Interest rate may be higher but they lone all amounts needed.

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