What Is The Objective Of Amul?


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The objective of Amul, the dairy cooperative in India, is to spur the White Revolution in the country and make India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world. The cooperative is shared between over 2.8 million dairy producers and the three-tier Amul Model has increased India's milk production on an incredible scale.

· The White Revolution. The Amul Model was the main contributor to the beginning of the White Revolution. The revolution led to India becoming the country with the most milk production in the world. It also helped reduce malpractices carried out by merchants and milk traders. The White Revolution was a huge contribution to the alleviation of poverty and famine levels from levels that were dangerously low.
· The Three-Tier Amul Model. The cooperative structure of the Amul Model is three-tier. The Village Dairy Cooperative Society is affiliated with the District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union that, in turn, is linked with the State Cooperative Milk Federation. This structure allows various functions to be delegated across the three tiers. For example, milk collection is carried out at the Village Dairy Society level, milk procurement and processing takes place at the District Milk Producers' Union level and milk and milk products marketing occurs at the State Milk Federation tier. Designating the functions in such a way avoids the problems of internal competition and ensures that the economies of scale are achieved.
· Impacts of the Amul Model. This three-tier model has led to India increasing its production of milk by 40 million metric tonnes. The model has been instrumental in improving the economy of India. However, it has also introduced on a much bigger scale, an ingredient that has helped improve the health and nutrition of many within the country.

The Amul model has been very successful in meeting its aim to increase India's production of milk and milk products. The cooperative has had a huge impact on the country's economy and spurred the White Revolution.

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