What Is The Objective Of NGO?


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An NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization. The NGO Network is closely linked with the Global Environment Facility (GEF). According to the GEF NGO website, the NGO network has a number of "visions", "missions" and "objectives".

• The Visions of the GEF NGO Network

According to the GEF NGO website, the network aims to create a dynamic population which has an influence and input in all policies passed in their country. This will allow the population to develop the world and its resources in a way which will benefit all people.

• The Missions of the GEF NGO Network

The GEF NGO website claims that it desires, and is working towards, a closer interaction with society, in order to co-operate in the development of policies around the globe.

• The Objectives of the GEF NGO Network

The GEF NGO website states three major objectives of the website, each of which are made up of sub-objectives. The first major objective of the GEF NGO Network is to increase the role of the global community in the maintenance of the environment. This means that the GEF NGO Network wishes to allow input from people all over the world, so that together we can develop policies and strategies which allow us to protect our planet.  The second major objective of the GEF NGO Network is to strengthen the partnership between the people of the world and the GEF NGO. This will allow proper communication between both parties, ensuring that the concerns and opinions of both parties are voiced. The third major objective of the GEF NGO is to make the GEF NGO stronger in itself. This will allow the Network to become more powerful and have more of a commanding influence on the global stage.

For more information on the GEF NGO Network, please visit the website, which can be found at http://www.gefngo.org/index.cfm?&menuid=2.
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An NGO is the short form of Non-Governmental Organization.These are associations which are established for some specific purpose and are not under governmental supervision.
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NGO is an abbreviation, it means: 

nongovernmental organization
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Non governmental organisation which is not a part of the government , but it is a legally organise by the people

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