How Do You Get A License To Sell Home Baked Cookies?


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There are a lot of ladies who want to do their own baking business but have no idea how to. They think that they need a lot of initial investments when this is merely not the case.

There are various ways through which one can start a home based baking business that involves an exceptionally small amount of funds to begin with. Apart from investment capital and good baking skills, one also needs to acquire legal permission to start the business.

In order to sell home baked cookies, one needs to get the permission to sell the cookies. Following steps will guide you about how to get the license to start off the business.

First off all, to register the business, the company needs to have a name. Think of a name that suits you and your business and it should be a good one as usually people have the habit to judge the book by its cover.

Once the name has been decided, apply for a business license through your district’s county clerk representative or the department of licences and inspections in your area.

While applying through the department of licences and inspections, one also needs to submit an application to the state’s health department.

They will send a team at your home to inspect the health and sanitary conditions. They will also examine your baking recopies and packaging you use for your products.

If you will pass the inspection, only then you can apply for the license.

The cost of acquiring the licence depends on the area or the country you are living in.

If you are a resident of US then you can also apply for the license through the website and get your business registered online.

You will be asked to submit the name and some business details. Once registered, you will receive federal tax identification and business-specific licenses and permits from that site.

The points stated above will not be same in all parts of the world but the procedure will quite be the same in all areas.
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Actually, it depends on where you live.  where I live (arizona), you have to take a short course (by short, I mean a few hours at most) on food-handling.  then you are issued a permit.  no home inspection required.  I know this because my assistant went through the process when she wanted to sell muffins to make a few extra bucks.
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i live in new york, and Sin not sure where exactly to go for what i need, but thank you very much
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I learned this in my class this year. You will need to go to your courthouse and buy a license. But you will need the health inspector to come and take a look at your home first so they can tell you if it is possible for you to pass inspection to get a business license. You might have to get a city and a county license. Depends on where you live.
It might cost you about $100.00 for both license. Again, it depends on where you live as to how much you have to pay for license. Health inspection is free.
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Yes you will need to be licenced and have a board of health certificate.

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