How Can You Save Water At Home?


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Saving water is very important. By doing it, you are not just saving money on your water bills but also preventing water pollution. Firstly check out for water leaks in toilets, pipes and taps. Then you could install water saving taps and shower heads. See to it that you take short showers. Turn off the water after you wet your toothbrush. Rinse your razorblade in a sink and not on running water.

Use your washing machines and dishwashers only for full loads. When washing dishes or vegetables, make sure you are not washing it on a running faucet. Don't wash your car with a hose pipe. Do not use your toilet as a waste bucket. That is, do not flush cigarette butts and other waste down your toilet. If you follow these simple steps you will be successful in your attempt to save water.
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There is one very simple thing to do:set the water pressure control to allow smaller flow.

The result:overall water usage is reduced. This is especially useful for those who are used to turning the tape to the fullest.
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One of the most effective ways to conserve water is to simply turn off the facuet when not using it. Look out for water leaks and such, and consider about plants that don't take up too much water.
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I have a quick and easy water saving tip, If you open up your toilets cistern ie the water reservoir and place a plastic bottle that has been cut in half with a few stones in the bottom to weigh it down, this will save water everytime you flush!
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Looks like everyone hit on all the ideas and some have been shot down but unjustified. Lowering the water pressure will, in effect cause you to use less water as you will find that you will install things like low volume shower heads. Shorter showers not running the water while shaving or brushing teeth until you need it. Save rain water to water plants, lawn and other places you can use non-potable type water. Lower the volume in the toilet tank.

One thing I don't see are ways to reduce water usage while washing dishes. Don't use a dishwasher. Hand washing can save a lot of water. Also, when hand washing till one side with the water soap mix and the other with fresh water. Then you do not have to turn on the facet each rinse. Just change the water when it becomes too soapy plus you will find you don't need as much soap.
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You'd have to check your local building regulations, but where I live (not USA) people are installing small rainwater collection tanks that fill from rainwater out of your roof guttering. You can use this water to wash your car, water your garden, and even flush your toilet and wash your laundry. Obviously no use for apartment dwellers, and best where there is at least some regular rain.

I have personally found that a front loader washing machine and installing an ultra water saving toilet (3 litre half flush and 4.5 litre full flush) have achieved really big water savings.
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A restrictive flow shower will save you a lot more, plus reduce your hot water bill a lot!
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Where do you live? Shout me!
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I know but I love a big splishy splashy shower and the water is solar heated anyway
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Freeze it in sterile containers and put the containers in the freezer compartment! Don't leave faucets open and running water, so to obtain cold water, rinse your toothbush, during shaving(fill the sink). Place a brick in the toilet's holding tank to displace flush water(if W.C. Is not the low volume flush type). Repair all leaky faucets or replace them. Install a low volume shower head. Tese are fast & low or no cst items.
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Correct pressure won't change volume that's why I suggest a couple of smaller bricks or one larger one or nice sized stone. They stay better put than the bottle idea.
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1st, pressure doesn't regulate volume. Flow restricters at point of use will (3.5 GPM) or less . Check faucet aeraters and showerheads for restricters(small disk with pre-drilled orafice). Also , Air Pressure-Assisted water closets flush with only 5 quarts of water and are available for the homeowner.
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Use a restrictive flow shower head (Number 1)and put bricks in your toilet water reservoir! Plus plant ONLY you areas native plants, and don't water your lawn!

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