What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?


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This is a very common question that many interviewers will ask a potential employee and it is crucial to get it right in order to impress the employer.

When thinking of your strengths, it is always a good idea to try and relate them to the role you may be applying for. If your job involves serving customers then you can say that one of your strengths is having a great rapport with customers and always being polite and helpful - this will obviously be looked upon favorably by the interviewer.

A few more useful strengths to list are as follows:

  • Great time keeping
  • Always meet deadlines
  • Can handle stressful situations and pressure
  • Smartly dressed
  • Confident
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Great listener and can take on board any advice
When listing your weaknesses, you need to be very careful and the best strategy is to try and make the weaknesses actually sound positive. You certainly don't want to put a potential employer off by saying you are always late or can be rude and abrupt therefore you need to think long and hard about suitable weaknesses to list.

A few appropriate weaknesses you can list are as follows:

  • Very eager to get everything finished in one go
  • Never content with what you've done, always striving for more
  • Can work 'too hard' and never switch off
  • Always hard on yourself and wanting to do better
As stated earlier, you need to take care when listing both your strengths and weaknesses and where possible apply these to the job you maybe being interviewed for.
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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, I know my strength is talking to people and trying to help them solve some of their problems. My weakness is using my own advice. Take care!
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Maria E Shetler answered
My strength is that I'm very positive and funny, but sometimes it could be a weakness, depends of the place, some people doesn't like funny people... Another weakness is that I'm very impatient, however I'm very comprehensive...;)
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Anonymous answered
My strength is my adaptability towards changes as I try to view myself the positive sides of changes rather than getting the negative sides of it weakness it I get easily upset by other people and always take the blame on me
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Anonymous answered
My strength is that I have faith,I am determined and I am a hard worker but,my weakness is that am too focused on my work and I need more time too relax and enjoy myself.
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My strength is doing the right thing most of the time meaning just because the world is doing it doesn't mean that I have to be with the world. Another strength is my ambition and tenacity. My weakness is second guessing myself and doing what my second mind sometimes tell me to do.
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Brahmani Manogna , Btech Graduate (ECE), answered

My strengths are, I am bold enough to understand any kind of situation and I am easy friendly, work with any kind of people.

My weakness is I easily believe and liberal to all, some take advantage of that and i'l be in trouble.

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suman kumar answered
My strength is that I have a maintain good relations with others. My weakness I am too liberal with people, and some people take advantage of it & embarrass me. Other weakness is my anger
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My strength is my ability to turn most liabilities into assets. My weakness is that I have so many irons in the fire, I seldom concentrate on doing my best at any one of them.
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B b answered
My strength that I have developed over time is to not allow people to get to me and never to hold grudges if they do me wrong but to keep in mind that they will get theirs in due time because....what goes around does come around. My weaknesses is that I tend to look at other people's live and see that they are where they want to be or doing "better" than me. I guess you can say jealousy. HOWEVER, it's something that I have to work on to just focus on me and not everybody else. Be happy for that person as to where they are but do not be jealous because it may take away what God may have in store for you! Overall, I GOT MY HEALTH!!!

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