How Will I Give My Introduction To The Interview Board?


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To give your introduction to the interview board you need say why you are the right person for the job. Know you could simply list off qualifications or past experiences, but that should be the middle parts of your speech not your introduction.

In your introduction you simply want to firstly introduce yourself, and let them know your name. The interview board will generally ask you what they want to know so, don’t be afraid of that and answer their questions calmly and confidently. And that is really one of the main things you need to be able to do at an interview, you need to be able to show that you are confident and believe in yourself without being arrogant as well as remaining calm. You have to put it into perspective; you’re already at the job so the company or employer that you are being interviewed by already think that you have what it takes to do the job. The only problem is that there are also a few other people they also believe have what it takes, and therein lies the purpose of your interview, to show that you are the best person for that job and that you are better than everybody else.  

As well as staying calm and confident you need to be able to present yourself in a professional manner. Once pass the introduction, you’ve managed to introduce yourself without getting your own name wrong and they’ve began to ask you some simple questions. You need to be able to have the answers ready on the tip of your tongue. Most of the questions will be about you, what makes right for the job, your past experiences and about you in general. The other sort of question they may ask will be about the job, maybe giving you a certain scenario and asking what you would do in that position. Here you would simply answer it the way you thought best. And if there was a question in which you were unsure of the answer, never say I don’t know that, answer with ‘well I’m not sure how I would do that but I’d really like to learn how or what I would do’. Although it may not be the answer it will be looked upon better than you just saying that you didn’t know. But again the most important thing you can do is stay calm and believe in yourself.
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Well iam ...
Basically I hail from ...
I was born /n /bought up from .....
I hold my bachlors/masters in...
I am the... (studnt or employee fill in blank)
prior to that I did my intermediate from...
And I did my s.s.c from...
I am persuing my ...


My father Mr...
He is a...
My mother she is a...
I have ... Sublings.
I have 2 brother n 2 sister.


I am result oridented
I am dedicated.
I am optimist.


I play cricket snnoker
I listen to music.

My short term goal is ...(ex= to complete my
communication skill class with confident)

my long term goal is...(ex= To work for reliance or
I want to do ms mba or mtec from ....)

My favorite palce is ...(ex= hyderabad, dubai,or

and then at the end..
Thank you sir for giving me a wonderful opportunity to
introduce my self thank you.
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It is always the first question "Tell me about yourself" in every interview and very few people'd be there  who answer correctly. Before going to an interview. First make a fresh shave which give you a positive energy. After getting freshed do worship for a little while it give us a support that you will do well in your interview. Then take a light breakfast, do not eat too much at early morning. Now you can leave for an interview with a new confident that I will definitely get the job. When interviewer asked you about Yourself. Just start with My name is "yourname" do not try to use word like
"myself" and "I am...." It is totally the wrong way to express about yourself. So do not use "myself and I am" instead of it use "My name is".
Like this:
My name is Sandeep Sharma.
I am 25 years old.
I born in Rajasthan and have been living in Delhi for the last 20 years.
I completed my senior secondary education from CBSE Board.
I completed my graduation from abcd university.
Along with this I completed a one year diploma in computers too.
I have  2years of experience in software developing.
Right now I am working with IBM corporation.
// Note: Use your work experience when you have it otherwise don't tell a lie to interviewer.
I have two younger siblings with my parents in my family.
My father is a businessman.
Mother is a homemaker  //note: Don't use house wife. Its totally wrong.
My hobbies are listening to music, singing and reading books.// note that do not use listening music. Its wrong sentence use "listening to music". Choose your hobbies as you like it.  You should ready to express your hobbies before interviewer.
I am a fresher and looking for a job these days.//note for a fresher, use it at the end of the introduction.

The way we have use is:
1. Your name
2. Your little biography
3. Your qualifications
4. Your professional qualification if you have.
5. A little about your parents // do not use much more about your family background. It leave a wrong impact on interviewer coz he is asking about yourself not your family so keep this in mind.
6. Tell him/her about your hobbies. // note that you should be ready to answer regarding your hobbies.
7.If you are a fresher tell him that I am a fresher and looking for a job or if you are an experienced tell him I am looking for a change and ready to tell him the reason of changing job.
Thats all about introduction very simple and easy.

"FAILURE INDICATES HALF HEARTED EFFORTS TOWARDS SUCCESS" means if you fail to get a job or achieve what you wanted shows that you did a good attempt but you were not from the best one. Do a little more hardwork and you will surely get success and achieve your destination.
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If asked why to recruit you?
Answer : I have been spending my time just learning and gaining knowledge. I think its now time to implement all what I have learnt and your company is providing a platform for that. My knowledge can help me and the organization to achieve great success in the industry.
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Interview is an entry point for any job in any part of the world. Interview is prepared for so many reasons and to answer different kinds of questions during an interview. I have noticed that there are five or six common questions that are asked in almost all the interviews. These questions are about your personality, about your qualification, strengths and weaknesses.

The most common question asked in every interview is "Tell me/us about your self", mind it, here you are asked about your personality, about your family, about your hobbies, strength and weakness and why you are sitting in front of interviewer? So when ever this question is asked start answering it from your childhood, your strengths and weaknesses, tell them about your family, about your parents and siblings.

Also inform them about your qualifications, any previous experiences related to your target job. Only portray such weaknesses which in future can be converted into strengths. The main focus should be on yourself rather than your family. You can never ignore your family while answering such kind of questions because strong family background can also sometime grab a job like marketing for you. I hope this will help you for preparing questions in future interviews.
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Hi My name is srinivas I have researched your company and I feel like I'm the candidate you are looking for this job I am basically from bangalore I was born and brought up from bangalore I hold my bachlor degree in BCET college I am the student prior to that I did my intermediate from krupanaidhi college and I did my sslc from sir m v h s school comming to my family backround I leave in a family of 4 my mother she is a home maker my yielder sisted she is a teacher and my brother-in-law he is a chemist and me. I would like to tell my strength I am result oriented I am dedicated I am optimist I would also like to tell you about my hobbis I always play chess with my sister, and listening to music my favorite place is my native. Thank you sir for giving me a wonderful opportunity to intraduce myself thank you.
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In interview,if somebody asking something I feel very nervous,I can't speak properly can you su-gess me what to do?
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Hi I am ______.My f's name is ______.
I have done my primary education from (city name) (School) and  I have done my 10th from (Board name) in (year) will %age aggregate marks and I have done my 12th from (University name) in (year) will %age aggregate marks.
About your family background :- My father is (Occupation). My mother is (Occupation), and I have (no. Of brother & sister). Thats all
  Thank you
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Good morning to everyone present here myself devi, I am from kalpakkam,pursuring final it in anna university,cbe.
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Hi My name is ganesh thapa.I reside at NDA, Pune, I have completed my B.Sc from Magadh University, Patna. I started My carreer from MD India Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. As an Authuorization Exe for six month, Then I joined Solution eye Pvt. Ltd. It was an Internation BPO. I worked there as a Claim analyst for US Healthcare processor eight month. Currently I have been working with Mphasis an HP company as a Sr. Transaction Process Officer. I have seven member in my family. My father is government employee and my mother is home wife. I have exposer of computer knowledge. I have well knowledge of excel. I am found of reading book, making new friend through social networking is my other area of interest. That's all about my self
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First of all start answering the interviewer about yourself,about your academics and your achievements.then after that describe about your strength's and your aim.don't mention your weakness unless asked to tell so.then a brief family background of yourself.thats it
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This ram suresh. My father name is ramu. I have done my graduation in graduation I had done diploma computer science. My hobbies are surfing net. Bike riding. I have two sub links
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Well I am sudhagar I'm come from simmakal near to the ktk tea stall I was born & bought up in madurai I have done my primary education in harvey school and I did my higher studies in meenashi matric then I am studing III year software in yadava college and my father mr rajan he is a printer and my mom is house wife I'm one and only son in my family my short term goal is to devolp the computer language skill then my long term goal is to work related to the software devolpment sites
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You have to give first your name then your fathers name then you have to say from which class you belong
foe ex(I belong to service class family or from a business class family)then your strength and the your hobbies then your family background.
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HI I am manoj stay in delhi from last 15 years I have done intermediate. And I trained in Technical Support as vodafone for 1 year.
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My name is deepika. I am from managudda. I had completed my B.A from canara collge. And I worked in B.P.O for 2 years. Presently looking for new job.
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My name is harbrinder kaur
I hve done my 10th from army public school.
I hve done my 12th from cst mussorrie
I hve passed my graduation last year only
my hobby is horse riding
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Just let your name known first , then your qualification and experience and in which field you take keen interest regarding the job.
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Gud mrg/aft/eve.. I am ... From ... . I completed my graduation in ... Anda= schooling in ... . While speaking always keep an eye contact. Make yourself comfortable and be confident... End your intro with "thats all about me"
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Hi, iAM syed azghar my fathers name is syed abbas we are six members in the family .my dad is a supervisor in vineeth laboratories near ramoji filmcity. My mom is an house wife. My brother is studying in australia . My 2 sisters are married.I have completed my school to college life iin hostel   
and in 1 acdemy that is word and deed school and jr college.
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Look the person in the eyes and reach for their hand to shake. While shaking their hand firmly but not to firm, say, "Hi! My name is ______, I have researched your company and I feel like I'm the candidate you are looking for this job.
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Hello, my name is mohammad iliyas from patancheru and my qualification is intermediate and I trained in multimedia for 2 years

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