What Are The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of A Waterfall Model? Also How Do You Overcome The Disadvantage Of A Waterfall Model?


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Advantages of Waterfall Model

1. Clear project objectives.
2. Stable project requirements.
3. Progress of system is measurable.
4. Strict sign-off requirements.

Disadvantages of Waterfall Model

1. Time consuming
2. Never backward (Traditional)
3. Little room for iteration
4. Difficulty responding to changes
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Disadvantage of waterfall model
it doesnt allow for much revision and reflection once an app;ication is in testing stage its difficult to go back and change something that wasnt well thought out in concept stage
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The main drawback of the waterfall model is the difficulty of accommodating change after the process is underway. One phase has to be complete before moving onto the next phase.
Inflexible partitioning of the project into distinct stages makes it difficult to respond to changing customer requirements.
Therefore, this model is only appropriate when the requirements are well-understood and changes will be fairly limited during the design process.
Few business systems have stable requirements.
The waterfall model is mostly used for large systems engineering projects where a system is developed at several sites.
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1. Easy to explain to the user
2. Stages and activities are well defined
3. Helps to plan and schedule the project
4. Verification at each stage ensures early detection of errors / misunderstanding
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1. Stages and activities are well defined for easier understanding
2. Self Explanatory to Users
3. Is also help in planning and schedulling when undergoing project
4.Confirming at every step ensures early detection.

1. Difficult to come comeback.
2. Consuming time
3. Difficult in iteration
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Waterfall model is very simple to understand, documentation and testing is done in every step so as to report the client what they have been done.

In Waterfall model each phase must be completely fulfilled in-order to go to the next phase. The main disadvantage of this model is that if the project is in the testing phase, then its a risky process to back to the earlier phases to change something.

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The waterfall model is the oldest and most widely used paradigm for software engineering.

Although the waterfall model is often derived as old fashioned', it remains a reasonable approach when requirements are well understood.

This adv:
-> Real project rarely follow thw sequential flow that the model proposes. Although the waterfall model can accommodate iteration, it does so indirectly. As a result, change can cause confusion as the project team proceeds.

-> The waterfall model requires all requirement explicitly, but it is often difficult for the customer to state all requirement explicitly.

-> A working version of the program will not be available until late in the project time-span.

-> Waterfall model provides a template into which methods for analysis, design, coding, testing and support can be placed.

->it remains a widly used procedural model for software engineering.
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What Are The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of A Spiral Model Model? Also How Do You Overcome The Disadvantage Of A Spiral Model?
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Hybrid model that support process iteration
the processes are represented as a spiral,each loop in the spiral represent a process phase.
Risks are explicitly taken into consideration.
Advantages :
  1.Risk reduction mechanisms are in place.
  2.Support iteration and reflect real-world practices.
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1.spiral model can be accommodate in prototyping and waterfall model,
it is a model of iterative process as prototyping and also a systematic approach to solve a problem as in waterfall model.
2. Spiral model take problem as a series of step to solve a problem as in waterfall, and take the contribution of users or customers in each phase as in prototyping model.
The waterfall model gives us prototyping , and spiral model gives us product , so the set of the waterfall accommodate in the spiral to gives us this product.

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