What If Benefit Year Has Expired W/ Unemployment?


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If the benefit year has expired and you have not claimed your unemployment, you should make sure to check that you can still claim for the last benefit year. These restrictions will completely depend on the different rules that your local office has and the rules that have to be adhered to in your state.

There is no true answer for this as there is no rule, you will just have to see how much flex your benefit office has and if they are willing to still process your paperwork.

  • If you have already applied but have not received your benefit.
Contact the unemployment office and they will be able to help you out and make sure that you can still get your unemployment money. If you did apply for it with enough time, this is their issue and they should have processed your paperwork sooner. This should not work against you. If you have been told that you still will not receive it, visit the office and explain the situation. It will help if you take along some documentation of when you applied.

  • If you have not already applied.
You should contact your local office and see if can still be processed. You may have to go to the office and explain the situation and see if this will help with your case. If you have not had sufficient time to full in the forms before the benefit year expired or if you did not have all of the information to apply then this may work in your favor.

If neither of these work or if you are too late in both circumstances, this is something that you should bear in mind for the next benefit year and make sure that you keep up to date with your applications.
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When your benefit year ends, do NOT file a new claim. If  you do, you will lose a week of benefits because a one week waiting period is put on all NEW claims. ESC will tell you they will fix it, but, you will never get money for that week. When your benefit year ends, JUST CALL IN TO GET YOUR CLAIM EXTENDED.

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