How Do I Prepare Training Plan?


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This depends on the type of training plan you are preparing. For example, is it for new starters at a company or is it to train current staff on a new procedure? Of course, some elements will differ from one training guide to another but there will also be some that will remain the same.
Here are some things you could consider when drawing up your training plan:
•Consider the best way of delivering the training. For example, if it is to welcome new staff into the company you may think about having a lot of icebreaking activities or those that encourage team work. On the other hand, if there is a new computer program that has been introduced it may be better to have the training delivered in a practical sense on a computer with step-by-step instructions.
•Ensure each member of staff knows what the purpose of the training day is. Highlight the key objectives and ensure they all understand how the training will be transferred back into their daily work. You need to make sure the training programme highlights the relationship between the training and the workplace as the employee will know exactly what they can expect to take away from the day.
•If you are preparing an intensive programme of training, it may be worthwhile having some supporting documents to hand out to staff. In this way, they will always have a training manual to refer back to.
•Ensure the way in which you carry out the training is in line with the company’s fundamental principles and core values.
•Consider how many training sessions you need to deliver and what group sizes these should be in.
•Training does not always have to be delivered in person. If time constraints are going to be an issue, think about putting training manuals on the staff intranet.
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First prepare PDP (personal development program) of every employee. You can do it by assessing the qualification and experience of each and every employee and suggest the training by which the employee can excel working on his/her current position. For example, a person handling accounts should be referred to accounts training programs. A person on the front desk should have excellent communication skills. A training plan of improving communication skills should be referred. I hope you have now idea how to prepare the training plan.
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I want to prepare for training plan what must I do first?

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