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Writing a company profile, in general, isn’t very hard. Unless your audience is someone who wants to purchase the company and wants vast amounts of in-depth information, the basic company profile will briefly outline the company’s products or services, its mission, employees, and a few unique aspects. And it should be written in a style that gives the reader an idea of the company’s personality.
For instance, a small organic tea company could create a company profile highlighting the high quality of their teas, and how the tea leaves are hand-selected by the owner, a Chinese woman raised in a family with generations of tea-brewing experience. Their mission might be to provide teas that not only taste great, but provide other benefits like relaxation. A short description of key employees and perhaps a few tidbits on interesting people who have purchased or drink their tea would add to the profile. If the company’s tone is one of rest and healing, then the profile should be written in the same style. Use of words like ‘holistic’ and ‘organic’ will add to creating a profile that suits the company.
On the other hand, a large entertainment company will be more likely to have a company profile using short, descriptive sentences with lots of action verbs. Their top executives and experience could be shown, but the company profile would be more likely to highlight entertainment successes, such as hit movies or records, and high-profile entertainers who have signed with them.
If you are writing a company profile, sit down and make a list of the most important elements of the company, using some of the above ideas. Find the company’s mission and determine the ‘style’ or ‘tone’ of the company, then begin writing the profile in that same manner. You’ll be able to not only convey important facts, but do so in a way that conveys ‘who’ the company is as well.
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In writing a company profile there are things to consider...

I. History and the Nature of the company
-type of business

II. The Company's Vision and Mission
III. Recruitment and Selection Process
IV. Training and development
V. Performance Management
- performance appraisal----> how often the company appraise
-compensation and benefits

VI. Disciplinary Procedures

..hope it helps.
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A Company Profile is an important facet in a company's marketing plans and having a well written profile helps in more than one way. The important thing to be kept in mind here is that one should be precise while including all the details about the company. The basics, that is the name and address along with the general information about the company should come first followed by the main services or products that the company offers. Here it would be a good idea to include the mission and philosophy of the company along with the business plan which gives a fair idea to the client as to what he can expect; one can also include welfare activities, if any, that the company undertakes.

The language used should be as far as possible jargon free for easy comprehension, even if you deal in highly specialized work as it enables better dissipation of information. While highlighting the achievements one can cite client comments and also mention the employees who have performed above average as it shows your commitment and dedication to client satisfaction.

Last but not the least special care should be taken to mention your uniqueness as to why a client would like to do business with you; a mention of the awards won, a good rank in a survey, the qualifications and credentials of the employees or any special service that you provide all contribute to your overall persona. Today there are a number of other options for writing a company profile; one can hire a specialist or simply make use of online tools that guide users through the process.
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If your company engaged in manufacturing business then covered below point,

founder of company
engaged in the business since...
quantity capacity
No. Of customer
present expansion of business
future expansion plan
annual t.o
social work if any..
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My business is hood makeing I want to send the company profile please send me company profile formate
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For examples of general company profiles, you can check out
There are both extensive and brief examples there.
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Include general information about the business in relation to name, location, owners and the general purpose of the store.  Subsequently, you need to write it in a manner which explains to the audience why you are such a good business, what your competitive advantage is.  A SWOT analysis is also a valuable tool which evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business which can be included in the business profile to give an in depth overview into your business
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I want to write a profile on a new visa procurement company can you give me a guide
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By providing comprehensive information about the company to be, it's services and clients and personnel along with thier expertise.
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A company profile needs to include key information such as: The company's products, history, location, aims and financial situation. You can find some useful guidelines here. Other than that, a lot of different approaches or possible; straightforward information is the safest option, but if you go to you can follow links to examples of more eye-catching profiles.
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There are many purposes for a company profile: To explain your company to clients, to investors or to the media. Our article on this topic is here: We even have a tool that writes your profile for you - how easy is that?!
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Dear sir,
  I  have visited your site and I  am impress with it. As it has given  me quit nice idea but I am  not so strong on making my company profile. As I have  started my technical training  institute and technical man power supply  company where I product and supply of  technical team. Pls help me out sanding replay
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Dear sir/ma'am,

I am planning to build my own company... May I request from your good office to provide me a detailed company profile. I am 15 years working facilities: I would like to build a company company profile which composed of the following services:
A. Motor and Pump Shaft lazer alignment  and repair ( with training certificate and machine avail.)
b. IR and Fusion welding ( with training Certificate and machine avail.)
c. Expert in Industrial water and waste water treatment operation and maintenance

Your Immediate response is highly appreciated
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In your profile include the key biography stuff like the name of company, the founder, what the company deals with, how many workers work in the company. Mention key achievements and motto (what the company stands for). You can ask a professional writer to write you a profile. You can find them on freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance or

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It depends on your company business. Each business have their own identity and one should write content based on that.

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Well, before making a perfect company profile, you'd better make it out what is the definition and function of company profiles: "A
company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims
to inform the audience about its products and services." Then, we can
find out the meaning of company profile by looking at the content of it.

Then look at one Company Profile Template, we can find that the sample generally includes the following aspects:
1. Company Basic Information: Which may include registration time, registered capital, nature of the company, technology, size, number of employees, quality of staff;
2. Development of the Company: The development speed, achievements, honor of the company;
3. Corporate Culture: The company's goals, philosophy, purpose, mission, vision, message, etc;
4. The Company's Main Products: Their performance and features, the innovation and force of the products;
5. The Sales and Network: Sales, sales around the point;
6. Service: Mainly company's commitment to after-sales service.
Then, the right thing you need to do is to collect the information and present it in the company profile with the aim of giving an objective introduction of the company.

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write a profile of a company is not easy , you must notice some details. For example ,a cards company muet includ some key information, like the products, the home and the company.

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