How Do I Prepare Myself For Interview?


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Preparation is key to a successful interview

Does the idea of going to a job interview make you feel a little queasy? Many people find that it is the hardest part of the hiring process. But it doesn't have to be. The more you prepare and practice, the more comfortable you will feel. Increase your odds of landing the job you want by brushing up on your interview skills.

Prepare before you go.
Find out all you can about the company before you go to the interview. Understand the products that they produce and/or the services that they provide. It's also good to know who the customers are and who the major competitors are.

Practice makes perfect.
It will also make you feel more confident and relaxed. So, practice your answers to common questions. Make a list of questions to ask, too. Almost all interviewers will ask if you have questions. This is a great opportunity for you to show that you have done your homework and have put some thought into your questions

Make a great impression.
The interview is your chance to show that you are the best person for the job. Your application or resume has already exhibited that you are qualified. Now it 's up to you to show how your skills and experience match this position and this company.

The employer will be looking and listening to determine if you are a good fit. He/she will be looking for a number of different qualities, in addition to the skills that you possess. To make the best impression, dress appropriately; sell your strengths; arrive early, by about 10-15 minutes; be enthusiastic; shake hands firmly; be an active listener; sit up straight and maintain eye contact; ask questions.

Say "thank you".
After the interview, follow up with a thank-you note. This is a chance for you to restate your interest and how you can benefit the company. Your best bet is to try to time it so that the note gets there before the hiring decision is made. You should also follow up with a phone call if you don't hear back from the employer within the specified time. Check out some samples:
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Interview is the most important part of your profession or we can say the first step towards your career. Interview is like a blind date, because you are excited and also nervous to meet a person whom you never met.

Remember that you have to prepare yourself mentally as well physically. The person who met you doesn't know about yourself and you have to convince him by your skills. By abilities you have to prove that you are the one for whom they look forward. You need to realize, however that the first impression are very critical. Many recruiters say that they make a decision just by looking at someone. Thus your goals should be look neat, appropriate and well groomed.

Now come towards the mental preparation because good looks are not enough to get a job. Presumably, you should do your home work for each organization you visit.
Well prepared about the organization, their products, their market value complete information about the organization. With all the preparation, behind you both mental and physically you are ready.

Don't move to that place so early, reach there before 10 to 15 minutes of the given time. Confidently enter to the room; never show any nervousness on your face. If they shake hand then you do, otherwise just sit down. Don't try to start conversation first, you are a guest and be an honorable guest.
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Prepare some questions and the most important thing is be confident all the time during interview.
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Know something about the organisation or company you are applying to. (Check their website) Make sure you have a clean resume and a list of references.
Most of all relax and simply enjoy. Good luck to you.
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The first thing you should do is find out about the company you are going to be applying to. Find out what they make, or what they do, find out what as much as you can so that you are knowledgeable in that regard. When interviewing use that information in a response so that the interviewer is aware that you have made an effort to educate yourself about the company," I am very interested in working for Jones Inc. I've always found ship building interesting. I have built model ships since I was ten years old." In other words, pull your knowledge of the company into the conversation in some manner. You can do this via the net or by talking to someone that you may know that is connected with the company. I assume your resume is up to date, if it is not, fix that issue. Be prepared with your answers. You obviously can not know exactly what they are going to ask but generally they will ask a few of the same question...What is your long term employment goals? Why do you want to work for Jones Inc.? That is a good place to drop your knowledge of the company. How does your experience relate to the position you are applying for? What are your salary requirements? On a personal level, if you need a haircut, get one. Wear a button up the front shirt, tuck it in and wear a tie if you have one. Do not wear pants that are drooping low. If you have nice leather dress shoes, wear them. I know that is the style but the man/woman you are interviewing with is not a going to be a teen and most professional people do not dress like kids. If you are applying for a professional job, look professional. A suit, in this instance, would be nice. Do not wear any strong or overpowering after-shave or cologne. Remember your manners that Mama taught you...yes sir, no sir, thank you, shake hands etc. You probably know all of these things but I am a former personnel manager and you would be amazed at the people who do not, or possibly, they think they do not matter....they do.
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The first thing you need to do is confirm about the date, venue, time of the interview and make a note about it.
Research, research and research!!!! Research about the company and it's products. Research about the skills and stuff related to the job profile. Research about yourself- Study your resume, have your dress for interview ready, etc.
Prepare for personal and technical round. Study everything related to your current field.
Make a list of questions you would like to ask the interviewer. Do not forget this.
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The interview depends on the role you are applied for. If it’s technical role the interviewer will ask the questions from your subject and what you mentioned the skills in resume. Moreover the interviewer will check your communication skills and confidence levels.

Before attending the interview you can practice interview questions through some career guidance websites or practice mock interview in real-time. But, I prefer online mock interviews because practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge.

You can visit InterviewBuddy- (Online mock interviews with experts). It’s the best website to practice and prepare the interviews.

They will conduct the practice interviews on any stream with industry experts and provide detailed report with performance-based metrics comprehensive feedback on your strengths &weaknesses.

By attending the practice interviews in InterviewBuddy, You’ll review your answers, body language and communication at any time. This tool can analyze your preparation level for a particular interview and where you need to improve.

While attend the practice interview, You can learn Interview Techniques, Tricky Questions, and Answers. So you can experience how the real-life interview feels.

In an any interview, The interviewer will analyze your confidence levels. So, you have to boost your confidence levels with interview buddy.

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If you want to successfully crack the interview, then you should also have your knowledge updated. You need to be aware of present day technology and market scenario.
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Your question is related for preparation for an interview. Everyone has to pass the phase of interview while he's going for some job. And those who complete this phase successfully they get a job. It's a very simple rule. For knowing this, you should know why people fail in some interview. The reason is very simple, because they lose their confidence.

So if you want to be successful in some interview you should follow the following points.
Be prepared yourself for an interview by reading newspapers daily. Keep in touch with the current affairs and world's present situations. Practice in front of some friends and if they are not available then practice in front of mirror for an interview. This will build up your confidence. Don't interrupt the interviewer in his discussion. It can make him/her furious. Don't try to answer a question when the question is still in progress. If you'll try to show your efficiency in an interview it can irritate the employer. You can prove it later on in your work. I hope you've got the basic and most important points. And you will keep them in your mind. Best of luck.
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Well, to walk in an interview certainly needs some preparation and we can divide this preparation in two categories in general
1. Dress & Personality Preparation
2. Mental Preparation

Dress & Personality preparations varies from culture to culture; for example if you have interview in IRAN and you are wearing a tie, then it can create some bad impression of you during interview, anyway one should be smart enough to understand regional culture and tradition before sitting in an interview.

The second one that is mental preparation is the one that can really win a job for you. Your skills must match to the responsibilities mentioned in that particular job description, if that is not the case than it is very hard to have that job

When moving from one organization to another organization for better career, don't mention any thing bad about your previous organization during interview because it can create a bad impression of yourself.

Always speak truth and don't hide anything if there is any skill deficiency in you, try to show your courtesy and honesty.

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