If Your Car Payment Is Late. How Long Do I Have Before They Repo My Car?


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I live in ms. And I have a title pawn with ms tile loan.  I am currently 1 day behind.  I call to see if I can pay in about 8 days.  The lady at the title pawn place said that they are not letting anyone go a day late.  Is there a window in between for a few days or will they repo it?
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depends on what state your in..most cases it takes a few months..depending on the contract,they can get any time after the due that that includes usually a two week window...then there are cases if the car isn't worth it,they don't bother with it..some companys have to much money and to them its easier to write it off as a lost
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Ebay would the worst place to look for these. If you did get some then you risk them obstructing the airbag deployment. Because the seat side airbags are a safety item you should not do anything that would impede their operation (we hope that they're never needed but if there is a crash then they can be life savers). Not only that but you risk MOT failure or - worse, the insurance refusing to pay out if you had an accident. Try the main dealer and take the hit on the price, or try Halfords and hope they have something for your model. As a last resort find a friend who is an expert (needs to be very good) with needle and thread to cut and hem suitable slots in "ordinary" seat covers.

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If you have made the payment even late payment then they will not snatch your car as you have paid them the dues however they can put some more charges for late submission of the dues for the car.
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In many states a creditor cannot repossess a car because of one missed payment but can after the second time. You need to check the law in your state but most of all talk to the creditor and see if you can make an arrangement.
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It really depends on the agreement you signed when you purchased the vehicle. Plus you'll get all the late charges, etc tacked on there as well. So you could ultimately not only lose the car but still owe them money.
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I notified the finance company, but I'm not sure what will happen,I'm two months late and I'm worried.

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