How Do I Calculate My Unemployment Benefits In Florida?


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Unemployment benefits in Florida are available to any individual who is unemployed or out through no fault of their own, other criteria include being able to work, being available for work, able to prove that you are looking for a job, and lastly being willing to accept any job that you are qualified to do. As well as these requirements, any person wishing to register for unemployment benefits must be registered with the Division of Employment and Training, one must file a weekly claim on time as well as correctly filled out, be able to report to the unemployment insurance office when required to do so by the state of Florida government. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits, any applicant must also be willing to disclose previous wages, bonuses, holiday pay, pensions etcetera. Any benefit recipient is only able to claim the benefits for up to only 26 weeks, however this is reduced in many circumstances depending on the credits available to you.

If you discover that you are eligible for unemployment benefit, then the way to calculate your unemployment benefit is to retrieve all pay slips from the past five consecutive quarters (a quarter is three months) which will be defined as your base year, and find out during which quarter you earned the most money. Divide the total earned in that quarter by 26. This will determine your weekly unemployment benefit. Note that if this is higher than $275 you will only receive the maximum of $275. Next to calculate the amount of time that you are eligible to claim these benefits. To work this out, find the total that you were paid during your base year (the previous five quarters) and then divide by four. This will give you the total amount that is claimable through benefits. Note, if this value is greater than $7,150 then anything higher than $7,150 will be discounted. Divide this value by your weekly unemployment benefit to calculate how many weeks you are eligible to claim for. Thus you have calculated your State of Florida Unemployment Insurance Benefit payments.

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