What Type Of Organizational Structure Does Pepsi Have And Are They Centralized Or Decentralized?


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The Pepsi structure is mainly centralized, but is flexible enough to pick up on local characteristics to ensure that the business is run as efficiently as possible.

Within the overall structure of the company, which covers every corner of the globe, there is a flexible approach that allows the company to maximize the talents of employees at all levels.

While a multinational company the size of Pepsi, which directly employs around 100,000 people, has to have a centralized structure monitoring every aspect of the business it has to be able to adapt and allow local conditions to maximize the talents of its workforce. Clearly the way that the company operates in areas like China has to be different from how it works in the United States.

  • International structure

Each area of the Pepsi empire has its own set up comprising of a Chief Executive Officer supported by a board of directors and executives responsible for distinct areas such as sales & marketing, research & development, human resources and operations. Within each department there will be a degree of autonomy allowing local managers to make decisions and to operate their division how they feel is best.

  • Reviews

Structuring the business to monitor best practice is a key element of the companies success and provides for an exchange of information and analysis of how to maximize resources. This also allows pilot schemes to be carried out, which effectively tests the water before rolling out a change across the entire brand.

Monitoring these issues is a constant requirement. Providing a two way flow of information is critical to the structure, this allows decisions taken at executive level to be communicated throughout the company and also for initiatives and innovations at local levels to be reported back to the highest levels of Pepsi-Cola.
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Draw an organizational chart to demonstrate the various subdivisions of real numbers (Give five example for each subdivision)
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The Pepsi has very centralized structure globally and all policies and planning is made through their headquarter and then it is passed on to all regions. The Pepsi does not own any planes and trains and they don't have any division in this organization. However I have answered your question for main points but other points are so confusing so please made some clarifications.
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Pepsi Company’s organization is divided into four areas covering Asia, Africa, Europe and America. These four subdivisions are further narrowed among the countries in these continents. The inter- organization structure of the company has different divisions. The manufacturing plant makes and bottles the product, the distributors deliver to the suppliers, and the suppliers sell it to the retailers and finally to the consumers. These supply–chains in different countries are controlled by one main headquarter.

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