You Need To Speak To Someone About Additional Coverage To Medicare Parts A And B. Which Of The Following Organizations Should You Contact? A. Tricare B. Blue Cross Blue Shield C. Champva D. Indian Health Service...i Answered B, Is This Correct. Thank


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Your question, which is for a college course, outlines four potential options: Tricare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, CHAMPVA and the Indian Health Service. Even though this is a multiple-choice question, you need to remember that the most relevant answer will depend on your personal circumstances. For example, those who are in the military are recommended to contact Tricare if they are in need of additional Medicare coverage. This service, in addition to CHAMPVA, is available to servicemen who have retired, their families, citizens who are currently serving their country and members of the National Guard. Visiting or will provide more information about who is eligible for these healthcare plans, in addition to exclusions that won’t be covered by these respective policies.

As the name suggests, the Indian Health Service is exclusively for patients of American-Indian or Alaskan Native descent. Visiting this federal organisation’s website at will allow you to understand when the IHS should be contacted regarding additional coverage to Medicare parts A and B.

This resultantly leaves Blue Cross and Blue Shield, but this might not be the most appropriate institution for someone to contact regarding Medicare. Social security offices, which are located across the length and breadth of America, can usually be a far better place to visit, especially as there will be plenty of advice, assistance and supporting literature regarding where you should go for treatment in the near future. Good luck in your exams, and make sure that you revise the options of all your questions so you can answer variations of this topic with confidence.

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