How Do You Create A Positive Care Environment ?


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A positive care environment is created by allowing clients to understand that they are recognised as individuals and their needs and wants will be met by care workers, as every individual needs differ everyone has their own choice and prefrence etc.
clients are all encourages to hold onto their beliefes and values and understand that they are safe within that care setting.

Factors that influence care settings

1. Culture

2. Structure

3. Policies

4. Practices

5. Use of resources.
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Promoting anti-discriminatory practice: Carers have a duty to promote anti discriminatory practice in their professional lives.
Maintaining confidentiality: Clients must know they can trust their carers. Clients may be put at risk and their self esteem may be lowered. Confidential information is shared with others, and there are legal requirements to keep personal records confidential.
Promoting and supporting individuals' rights
Acknowledging individuals' personal beliefs and identities
Promoting effective communication

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