What Is The Meaning And Functions Of Commerce?


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Commerce is the distribution of goods & services on a large scale. It includes all the auxillary services that makes mass distribution possible to satisfy human want. It is (1)TRADE. (2) AIDS TO TRADE.
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Commerce is a branch of production,exchange of good and services and all activities which assist or facilitates trade
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Commercial occupations deal with the buying and selling of goods,exchange of commodities and distribution of various finished products
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The word commerce means that the purchase and sale of product for the sake of earning profits. So there are many people who are engaged in the commerce and business. The functions of the commerce are coordinating various activities, generate capital, package the products and sell the products on the internet. So this is the reason you can engaged in the commerce as well.

There are many businesses which are engaged in the commerce and trade. When a person engages in the commerce then they deal with the different activities like accounting, financing, management, human resource management and marketing. So this is the reason the commerce is in great use in the today world. The purpose of the commerce is to generate business and earn profit for the people so there are different people who are directly engaged in the business and earning their livelihood.

So there is a great importance of the trade and commerce for any country. The generation of the commerce and trade activities in a country boosts the economy of the country and helps to people to earn money out of it.
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Commerce is another part of business. It links the producers with consumers. It helps in distribution of goods among the consumers according to their taste, needs and convenience. The process of buying and selling and all those activities which facilitate trade such as storing, grading, packing, financing, insuring, transporting are called commerce.

Functions of commerce

The principal function of commerce is to remove the hindrances of persons, place, time, exchange and knowledge in connection with the distribution of commodities until they reach the consumer.
The manufacturers of goods and services are few in number as compared to consumers. Consumers are scattered over a wide area. As a result, it is difficult for the producers to contact with the consumers. Commerce helps to remove this hindrance between persons by means of trade.
These days' goods are produced in large quantities in anticipation of future demand. They must be stored in safe place to be sold later. Storage of goods, therefore, becomes necessary which warehouses perform. Warehouses remove the hindrance of time between production and consumption.
The goods may be produced at one place and the demand for them may be at a different place. The problem of distance is removed by commerce.
Goods are subject to several types of risk during transportation and storage. They may be stolen or damaged. This risk is covered by insurance.
The payment of goods and services is made possible through banks. The banks as part of commerce remove the hindrance of exchange and enable the buyers to procure goods by extending their own credit.
Selling of products is the most important problem of manufacturer. People buy the goods only when they have knowledge of the goods. This hindrance of knowledge is removed by advertising, which provides necessary information about the utility of the goods to the prospective buyers.

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