How To Write A Request For A Bank Reference Letter?


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A reference letter for your bank is a formal letter to confirm that you have had a bank account for a certain amount of years, your credit history is acceptable and it is also to confirm that you are who you say you are and you live at a certain address.

  • How to obtain a reference from the bank

Some banks will have a form you can fill out to request a reference letter to ensure you include all the necessary details. It is a good idea to speak to someone from your bank to ask if they can provide a form; which will make the whole process much easier.

If you need to write a letter, it is vital that you make a good impression when you write a letter requesting a reference from your bank. To make a good impression you should write the letter in a formal business letter style.

  • How to write a letter to the bank
It is best to type your letter on a computer and ensure all spelling and grammar is correct. You can use 'spell check' and also get a friend or family member to proof read it after you have completed it to check for mistakes that are easy to miss when you have written it yourself.

Type your address in the top right hand corner and type the address of the person receiving it on the left but further down than your address. Put the date on the right and below this write 'Dear Sir/Madame' unless you know the specific name of the person receiving it.

  • What to include in your letter
In your first paragraph you should state that you are requesting a reference letter and in your letter you should include your full name, the type of account you hold and the date it was opened.

Include your account number so they can quickly and easily access your details in order to reply with the necessary information needed in a reference letter.

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